The Science Distillery

Making Science Accessible


Our Mission & Philosophy

“It’s very important for us to see that science is done by people, not just brains but whole human beings, and sometimes at great cost.”  –  Alan Alda

We believe that at its core, the purpose of science is to help serve and benefit all people, and, as such, it is only right that all people are able to freely access and pursue scientific knowledge.  However so many scientists struggle to share their incredible work with the world in a way that is both accessible and riveting to people of diverse backgrounds.  As a result, a rift grows between the scientific expert and the lay person thus driving the perception of scientists as aloof and of science as unapproachable. Our mission is to help break this trend. Science touches every single person, every single day. From star gazing, baking cookies, and browsing the web, to curing cancer and sending rockets to Mars, everyone has a personal connection to science. You don’t have to have a PhD to be excited by science and to appreciate its immense value. Science belongs to everyone.


The Science Distillery Approach

We are a group of writers, scientists, and philosophers eager to revolutionize the way science is communicated to the public. We have noticed that often times when scientific advances or events are repackaged for public consumption, they aren’t just re-worded in layman’s terms, but overly simplified. Lots of the stuff that actually makes a discovery cool is left out! People who read popular science, read because they are curious minds looking for a digestible source. Details shouldn’t be left out of popular science to make science more accessible. Curiosity must be fed!

At The Science Distillery, we aim to take new stories in science, boil them down, extract meaning, and then present the full stories back to our readers it in a clear way that doesn’t leave out all the details. Our goal is to clearly explain the foundations of the articles we write, not brush them aside. In our brief posts, our writers and contributors strive to keep our readers up to date on the latest scientific news with fun and digestible articles without throwing away all the cool minutia. Science accessibility is our vision! Science education is our mission!

  1. to purify or transform (a liquid) by successive evaporation and condensation.  Synonyms: boil down, clarify

– Merriam-Webster Dictionary